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Art of Laundry Inc.

Located in Brampton servicing Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville.

Art Of Laundry Inc.'s Logo

Art of Laundry Inc.

Located in Brampton servicing Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville.

Mobile Laundry Service

From cold-wash only fabrics and hand-wash blouses to air-dry formal wear, it’s hard to keep track of the special washing instructions in your wardrobe.

Let Art Of Laundry Inc. keep track for you. We offer comprehensive laundry services—completely mobile! We’ll deliver your clothing pressed and folded to your front door. Call our friendly team at (905) 459-0310 today for more information.


What Are Mobile Laundry Services?

Mobile laundry services are pick-up and delivery services that include thorough and customizable cleaning of your clothes and luxury items. Our team allows you to schedule your pick-up and drop-off times around the clock and ensures your clothes, fabrics, and delicate items are expertly cleaned and returned to you in pristine condition.

Rather than doing your laundry at home and potentially losing hours of your day waiting on washers and dryers, mobile services offer a hassle-free alternative for homeowners and businesses. We’re all about saving you time and have developed a comprehensive approach to maximize your convenience.

Our mobile laundry process includes the following:

  • Sorting and inspecting items based on fabric type and colour, as well as cleaning constructions to prevent colour bleeding.
  • Using high-quality solvents and detergents and appropriate wash and dry cycles to thoroughly sanitize your belongings without damaging the fabric.
  • Removing stains and discolouration with specialized techniques and providing multiple treatments to restore your garments.
  • Pressing, folding, or hanging your garments to preserve their shape. Delicates and specialized items can also be steam-finished or air-dried.
  • Timely deliveries and secure drop-offs.

Do Mobile Laundry Services Include Luxury Items?

One of the most significant upsides of our mobile laundry services is that we offer professional cleaning for luxury garments, heirlooms, and high-end items.

Delicate fabrics or precious garments and items can be damaged when left unattended in residential washers and dryers. Using state-of-the-art techniques and premium products, our trained staff meticulously cleans your items and handles all luxury goods with special care and attention.

Our services are perfect for addressing luxury needs, and they’ll save you the hassle of selecting the appropriate cycle and managing your items to preserve their value.

Art Of Laundry Inc.’s Laundry Specialties

At Art Of Laundry Inc., we take pride in our mobile laundry services and offer our clients a comprehensive range of high-end services. With our spotless track record and dedication to providing communicative customer service, you can have confidence that even your most precious items will be managed with professionalism.

In addition to the standard clothes cleaning, some of our most requested mobile services include the following:

  • Wedding dress cleaning
  • Leather cleaning
  • Suede cleaning
  • Uniform cleaning
  • Area rug cleaning
  • Purse and handbag cleaning
  • Heirloom cleaning

Mobile Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding dresses are an item that, when well preserved, can last you a lifetime. Although they’re only worn once, professional care and cleaning can help preserve your gown and maintain its integrity for years to come.

Our mobile wedding dress cleaning services are highly specialized and offer exceptional support for dresses with intricate beadwork, delicate lace, and stubborn stains. Our gentle solvents and commercial-grade equipment can remove soils and stains while preserving your dress’s intricacy and integrity.

Are Eco-Friendly Laundry Cleaners an Effective Option?

Eco-friendly laundry detergents and cleaning products have improved greatly in efficacy. With plant-based, biodegradable formulas becoming increasingly popular on the market, scores of products rival traditional cleaners in stain removal and whitening capabilities. Eco-friendly laundry cleaners use mineral-based builders and enzymes to break down stains and lift dirt without damaging the underlying fabric or the integrity of your items.

Art Of Laundry Inc. Wash and Fold Laundry Services

When you need someone to pick up your laundry and clean it with care before returning it to your home, you need our wash and fold laundry services. As a mobile laundromat that works quickly without compromising the quality of our services, we deploy time-honored techniques to preserve the quality of luxury items, heirlooms, and your most cherished garments.

Before any cleaning process begins, our experts conduct a thorough assessment of the fabric type, color stability, and any specific care instructions. This allows us to tailor our cleaning techniques to the unique needs of each garment.

Laundry Services for Delicate Fabrics

Delicate fabrics demand a gentle touch. We use specialized, eco-friendly detergents that are gentle on fabrics yet effective in removing stains and odors. Our cleaning processes are designed to preserve the integrity of the material while ensuring a deep and thorough clean.

For particularly delicate items, we resort to handwashing techniques. This personalized approach allows us to give individual attention to each garment, ensuring a meticulous cleaning process that minimizes wear and tear.

Pressing and Steaming Services

Precision in pressing is crucial for maintaining the shape and finish of delicate garments. We deploy advanced pressing and steaming techniques to eliminate wrinkles and creases, leaving your items looking fresh and impeccably pressed.

Expert Stain Removal at Our Laundromat

Whether faced with a red wine spill on a silk blouse or a stubborn oil stain on delicate fabrics, we approach each stain with precision and care. Our commitment to excellence ensures your garments are returned to you spotlessly, preserving their beauty and extending their lifespan.

Trust us for expert stain removal that goes beyond conventional methods, providing impeccable results for even the most challenging stains.

Dry Cleaners for Specialty Items

We proudly offer specialized dry cleaning services tailored to preserve the beauty of your specialty items, including purses and handbags.

Understanding the unique materials and intricate designs of these accessories, our expert dry cleaning team deploys gentle solvents to effectively remove stains and dirt while ensuring the integrity of the fabric. Rest assured, we’ll inject new life into your cherished luxury purses and handbags.

The Advantages of Our Mobile Wash and Fold Service

Our mobile laundry business is the perfect solution for busy individuals and businesses who don't have the time to wash their clothes on their own. We pick up dirty laundry and deliver it back to you clean and pressed without you ever having to leave your home or office.

We’re honored to have many high-profile clients who rely on our mobile clothes-washing service, and we would love to count you among them if you are looking to free up your schedule. Continue reading to learn more about why you’ll appreciate what we have to offer.

Our Mobile Wash and Folds Offer Unparalleled Convenience

Our high-end mobile laundry service is the most convenient way to get your laundry done. We come to your home or office and pick up your dirty clothes, wash them, and deliver them back to you clean and pressed. You never have to make time to go to the laundromat, and you don't have to lug around a heavy load of laundry.

Quality Customer Service From a High-End Mobile Laundry Business

At our mobile laundry service, we take pride in offering a pleasant experience and clean and fresh fabrics that measure up to the highest industry standards. We understand that your time is valuable, and we want to make sure that your experience with us is as stress-free as possible.

We take pride in our friendly and accommodating approach, which is one of the reasons we have so many repeat clients.

Careful Handling of Your Garments

Our team of laundry professionals is highly trained in handling delicate items. We take extra care with every load to protect your items from damage. We use the latest in laundry technologies and products to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and care for your special items.

Look to us for:

  • Laundry cleaning, pressing, and folding services
  • Wedding dress cleaning and preservation
  • Area rug cleaning
  • Leather cleaning and drying services
  • Coat cleaning
  • Shoe cleaning
  • Purse cleaning
  • …and more!

Our attention to detail throughout all our processes ensures you can rely on us to protect your clothing while keeping it looking like new.

Mobile Dry Cleaners at Your Service

Our mobile laundry company is proud to offer comprehensive dry-cleaning services, bringing convenience and quality directly to our customer’s doorsteps. We’re equipped with specialized dry-cleaning machinery that allows us to effectively remove tough stains, eliminate odors, and restore garments to their original brilliance.

We work with:

  • Business professionals
  • Students
  • Seniors
  • Hotels
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Hotels
  • Dental clinics
  • Gyms
  • …and more!

Whether it's delicate fabrics, formal attire, uniforms, or everyday clothing, our dry-cleaning experts are trained to handle a wide range of materials and garments. We prioritize customer satisfaction and go the extra mile to ensure precise cleaning, meticulous inspections, and timely delivery.

Commercial Laundry Services: Delivering to Your Business

Our commercial laundry services are the perfect choice for business owners on a tight schedule. If you’re like most of our clients, you probably can’t take time off your day to visit our laundromat for laundry pickup. Thankfully, we offer our door-to-door wash and fold services to businesses of all distinctions.

Is it time to send your company uniforms to the laundromat? Uphold your reputation for cleanliness with the help of our mobile laundry services. Once your work uniforms undergo our meticulous cleaning process, we go the extra mile by bringing them directly to your place of business. This saves you valuable time and also ensures your employees can focus on what matters most—their tasks at hand.

Consider our local laundromat a business worth relying on. Together, we’ll bolster your staff’s reputation for cleanliness and professionalism.

Honest and Upfront Mobile Laundry Prices

We believe in providing transparent prices for our mobile laundry services, ensuring our customers have a clear understanding of the costs involved. We value honesty and fairness, and that extends to our pricing structure.

Clients who choose our services can expect straightforward pricing without any hidden fees or surprises. We offer a clear breakdown of our rates, considering factors like garment type, quantity, and any additional services requested.

Our goal is to offer competitive prices for luxury laundry concierge services while maintaining the highest quality and customer satisfaction standards. By being transparent with our pricing, we aim to build trust and long-lasting relationships with our valued customers, ensuring they feel confident and informed when investing in our mobile laundry services.

The Mobile Laundromat with Convenient Scheduling Hours

Are you constantly running from one appointment to the next? Does your agenda have more ink on it than blank space? Don’t worry—your laundry is one less thing you have to do today. At our company, you can plan regular pickup and delivery ahead of time. Whether you have a one-time emergency stain removal or need your entire wardrobe washed and folded for the first of every month, we have you covered.

We offer extended business hours so you can have clean laundry at nearly every hour of the day. Be prepared for that early meeting and ready for that late-night social event with pickup and delivery laundry from 5:30 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Sunday.

Thorough, Professional Laundry Cleaners

On-the-go service doesn’t mean much if the washing isn’t done right. Have you ever put on your favourite shirt, only to notice an unsightly stain moments before your head out the door? Thankfully, our cleaning services are second to none, so every garment that passes through our doors is handled with the utmost care and meticulously examined for quality assurance. We’re gentle with your clothing and use premium products to ensure a deep and thorough high-quality clean. Every time.

Client-Focused Laundry Cleaners That Accommodate Special Requests

Our company goes above and beyond to accommodate special washing instructions. For clients with sensitivities and allergies, we’ll use fragrance-free or non-allergenic detergents. In the case of severe allergies, we even have dedicated machines to ensure zero contact with traditional detergents. For customers concerned about sustainable living, we’ll use eco-friendly cleaning practices that combine green and clean.

There’s no detail too small that our team doesn’t care about. Simply put, if it matters to you, it matters to us. Rest assured that with us, your clothing will be treated according to your exact specifications and preferences.

Timely Pick-Up and Delivery Laundry Services

At Art Of Laundry Inc., we value your time. We understand that you can’t delay your day to wait around for laundry. That’s why we prioritize having a large workforce and multiple service vehicles, so we’re never late for an appointment. Just tell us when and where you want us to be, and we’ll be there.

Mobile Laundry Made Easy with Art Of Laundry Inc.—Call Our Team Today!

Art Of Laundry Inc. will separate, wash, dry, and fold your laundry, and deliver it to your front door! Keep those colours bright and those fabrics soft to the touch. Be dressed to impress.

Call the preferred laundry team in the area for on-time service and high-quality cleaning practices. Call us today!