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Art of Laundry Inc.

Located in Brampton servicing Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville.

Art Of Laundry Inc.'s Logo

Art of Laundry Inc.

Located in Brampton servicing Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville.

Dry Cleaning Service in Toronto

Art Of Laundry Inc. has been the leading provider of dry cleaning services in Toronto for many years. We have the skills and tools to take care of even the most precious garments. Whether you require your executive shirts cleaned and pressed or your wedding dress dry cleaned and preserved, you can trust us for safe and effective cleaning and stunning results.

Our dedicated professionals are trained to treat each and every item of clothing like it was their own. So, you can feel confident knowing your clothes are given the utmost care and attention when in our care.

If you are seeking dry cleaning services in Toronto, get a hold of us at (905) 459-0310 to book an appointment with the best in the business.

We look forward to making your laundry day easier!

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Why Choose Art Of Laundry Inc. as Your Dry Cleaning Company in Toronto

Your clothes mean a lot to you. You’ve taken the time to find each item of clothing that hangs in the closet. Any blemish or damage to them would be a real blight on your day – but we’re here to help.

Art Of Laundry Inc. understands how important your clothes are to you and takes great care with each item, so they get the dry cleaning results you need without causing harm.

When you choose us as your dry-cleaning partner in Toronto, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lightning-fast turnaround times
  • Timely and responsive service
  • Preserve your clothing for longevity
  • Pick up and drop off service
  • Quality dry cleaning results
  • Professional care given to each garment
  • Mobile dry cleaning service

If you’d like to learn more about our approach and what we offer, connect with us directly by phone or email.

Expert Dry Cleaning for Your Wedding Dress

Now that your wedding is over, you want to preserve your wedding dress as a memento of your happy day. Or maybe you dream of your daughter or granddaughter wearing it on their special day in the distant future.

Art Of Laundry Inc. is experienced in custom cleaning and preserving your special wedding dress so you can keep it for years to come without any change in its appearance. We will work with you directly to ensure you are satisfied with our process from start to finish.

Dress to Impress with Art Of Laundry Inc.’s Superior Dry-Cleaning Services in Toronto

Do you have a special occasion you need to get your clothing prepared for? Maybe it’s an important conference that your suit and executive shirt need to be ready for. Or a beautiful dress you wish to wear on a special first date. Whatever your dry-cleaning needs, we have it covered.

Get your executive shirts and suits cleaned and pressed with us to make sure you’re dressed confidently for your conference. Our dry-cleaning services will enable you to dress to impress on your first date. No matter the occasion, we will help you put your best foot forward with our superior dry-cleaning services.

Call (905) 459-0310 to get your clothes dry-cleaned by the best service in Toronto.

Dry Cleaning Service in Toronto

To preserve the shape, color, and integrity of an article of clothing, it needs to be cleaned by a professional with a delicate hand. Art Of Laundry Inc.’s dry cleaners has the experience cleaning fragile and beloved garments that you need.  We’ll care for your garments and return them to you good as new in no time.

Call us at (905) 459-0310 to learn more about our services or visit our McMurchy Ave location!


Local Dry Cleaners 

There is nothing more frustrating than having a stain on one of your favourite garments.  The only worse thing is when you get it back from the dry cleaners and they failed to remove it.

When you live in the Toronto area, you can trust us, your local dry cleaner to banish the unsightly stain, quickly and effectively. When we’re looking after your garments, you won’t have a thing to worry about. We take care of every garment as if it was our own. Bring in your shirt, jacket, dress, etc. today.

Local Dry Cleaners with a Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

When you contact our company, it will become very clear that we are a cut above the competition. Our friendly and attentive staff will put your concerns to rest with our knowledgeable service and accommodating demeanor. We treat all your garments with the care and attention to detail they deserve. We make sure your clothes are safe to be dry cleaned and wash them delicately and meticulously. Our top-notch cleaning options, along with dry cleaning delivery and pick up, distinguishes us as the smart choice for all your laundry needs.

Free Estimates on Dry Cleaning Services

We go above and beyond to provide you with the best dry-cleaning service possible. Give us a call or bring in your stained garments, and we will provide you with honest and trustworthy quotes. Our highly trained and professional staff can give you realistic expectations of how we can service your laundry. We offer competitive rates on our comprehensive dry-cleaning services, and we guarantee we will provide the best stain removal at the lowest prices.

Professional Quality Dry Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your laundry, we do not cut any corners. We only use high-quality products and effective techniques to restore your cherished garments. It is our commitment to only use harmless and environmentally friendly methods, so you can always trust us to clean your clothing carefully and safely. It is our goal to provide a convenient and complete dry-cleaning service at an affordable price. Stop by today and let our expert staff keep your garments vibrant and unblemished.

A Laundry Service with Many Specialties

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading dry cleaners in the area, and as our clientele has expanded, so has our skillsets and list of services. Our goal is to fulfill the wishes of all our clients, even those with the most specific dry-cleaning needs. For more information, get in touch with us today.

Mobile Dry Cleaners: We Go the Extra Mile for Our You—Literally

One of the services that set us apart from our competitors is our mobile delivery and pickup service. At your convenience, we’ll pick up the garments from your home or workplace, clean them at our facility with the utmost care, and return them to you.

This service isn’t a gimmick, it’s an act of genuine gratitude and courtesy to our customers. We know you and all our clients lead busy lives, so let us take one thing off your hands.  

When you rely on our 24-hour dry cleaners, you never have to wait long again! Call us today.

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning and Preservation

One of our specialties is wedding dress preservation. If you want to make sure that your wedding dress endures the passing of time and never experiences incremental wear and tear, this is the perfect service for you. We store wedding dresses in air-sealed boxes with moisture and environmental control technology, ensuring perfect preservation. In addition, we’ll also make it possible for you to look at it too without ruining the preservation so you can be reminded of your special day as often as you’d like.

We also take innovative and tested approaches to the preservation and cleaning of leather, suede, and area rugs. Feel free to ask us about these additional services!

Fast and Thorough Area Rug Cleaning

Apart from providing you with fresh and clean laundry, we can also restore and remove stains from your rugs. We test your rugs to make sure we use the proper cleaning procedures so that it does not shrink or bleed. We are experienced and knowledgeable, meaning you can trust us to clean your rug carefully and correctly. If you have pets, you have nothing to worry about because we only use non-toxic cleaning products to clean your carpets. We are proficient at removing tough stains--even wine--so bring your rug in, and we will give you an estimate on the cleaning process.

Outstanding Cleaning Service for Work Uniforms

Make sure you and your staff look presentable with our competitive rates on uniform cleaning. We are experts at cleaning all fabrics and patterns properly and efficiently. We customize our products and techniques to suit your unique uniforms and make sure they are clean and sanitary when you need them. We make sure your business runs smoothly and that your employees always look their best.

Some examples of industries we service include:

  • Industrial and Automotive
  • Healthcare and medical professionals
  • Restaurants
  • Food processing
  • And much more

If you are still not convinced that we are the right choice for keeping your uniforms clean and fresh, give us a call to learn more and get a no-obligation quote on our laundry service.

Contact the Area’s Finest Local Dry Cleaners Today!

Whether you are looking to revitalize your finest formalwear or clean your wedding dress before safely stowing it away, our incredible dry cleaners and our amazing facilities can be of service. Call us at (905) 459-0310 to request our services.  

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